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The National Graduate School in Infection Biology and and Antimicrobials (or IBA) is a forskerskole funded by the Research Council of Norway, coordinated at the University of Oslo. Both PhD students and postdocs registered at Norwegian universities are welcome to participate in IBA. Our program funds courses and workshops, has annual networking meetings, and we support participation in these activities by co-funding of travel and accommodation costs.

For more information on IBA, please see our About page, or look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

See our list of courses here, and if you want to become a member, go to this page.

Latest news:

IBA Social meeting in Oslo

2018-08-13 10:55:31 oljat


Just before the summer holidays, Oslo node of IBA had its first social meeting of the year!
We enjoyed good company, discussions, and planned future collaborations over good food in the beautiful Oslo fjord.

We are looking forward to future meetings!


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2018-08-13 10:14:50 oljat


A unique intensive course on “Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance” is jointly organised by IBA and the National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics (NDPIA) 26-30 November, 2018, at Hjortviken Konferens outside Gothenburg. The course features lectures by internationally leading scientists, opportunities for participants to present research in poster walks and ample time for networking. Scientific lectures describing antibiotic resistance from other perspectives focusing on ethics, public awareness and media are also included.

Registration deadline: 17 September 2018

For more details and information on how to apply see the course page.

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2018-07-30 12:45:04 oljat


IBA is a part of the high-level writing course taught by editors from selected relevant journals from the Nature Publishing Group held at at Isegran Fort, Fredrikstad, Norway Spetember 6 – 7, 2018.

For more details see our courses page.

The deadline for application has been extended to August 7th!

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1st Annual CryoNet Symposium

2018-06-14 12:56:43 oljat


Time and place: October 8-9 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

The 1st Annual CryoNet Symposium will gather Scandinavian researchers, students and technical staff to discuss the latest advances in Cryo-electron microscopy with some of the world leading researchers in the field.

International participants are also welcome to register! The maximum number of attendees are 150.

Abstract deadline: Abstracts will be selected for short talks and/or poster presentation. Send your abstract (max 300 words) to lotta.avesson@cpr.ku.dk no later than August 31 2018.

For more information please visit this link.

Note: IBA cannot at this point support attendance of the symposium.

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TTA Bioinformatics course Level 2

2018-06-11 13:53:58 oljat


Venue: University of Oslo, Domus Medica, PC-stua (R211) 

Application deadline: August 27th 2018

Please sign up for the course here.

This course is a continuation of TTA bioinformatics course level 1 and requires some basic knowledge of whole genome assembly, including quality assessment of raw data, trimming and contig assembly. Although not a strict requirement, we do recommend participants to attend in level 1 before signing up for this advanced course.

Participants of the hands-on session must bring their own laptops. A list of required preparations including instructions on how to install Geneious trial version will be provided end of August.


Part I: Seminars 11:00 – 12:30:

Theoretical introduction to the course and short repetition of required level 1 content.

11:00 – 11:30  Timo Lutter (TTA) – SNP calling, phylogenetic tree building and whole genome alignment

                        Nermin Zecic (TTA) – RNAseq and differential gene expression

11:30 – 12:00  Henrik Hasman – (Statens Serum Institut, DK) – Identification of acquired antibiotic resistance genes with ResFinder

12:00 – 12:30  Jon Bolin (FHI) – Mechanisms of foreign DNA acquisition and their detection in microbial genomes

12:30 – 13:00  Lunch


Part II: Hands-on exercises 13:00 – approx. 17:00:

  • Map to reference assembly and building SNP trees in Geneious with RAxML(using Ebola virus isolates as an example)

  • Basic alignments of bacterial genomes and draft genomes to detect large-scale evolutionary events (rearrangements/inversions) with Mauve

  • RNAseq and differential gene expression in Geneious

  • Introduction to Center for Genomic Epidemiology and ResFinder for identification of antimicrobial resistance genes

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