Annual IBA meeting in Tromsø!


We are pleased to welcome you to the IBA annual meeting 2018 taking place October 29-30 in Tromsø! We are looking forward to meeting everyone over exciting talks and discussions. 

We have three key-notes speekers that will attend our IBA meeting: Sebastian Bonhoeffer (ETH Zürich), who studies population dynamics of virus infections within infected individuals, Fredrik Almqvist (Umeå University) who targets virulence, and Linus Sandegren (Uppsala antibiotikacentrum) that studies fundamental aspects of how resistance plasmids are maintained and disseminated between pathogenic bacteria and how they serve as platforms for evolution of antibiotic resistance.  

The meeting will be held at the Scandic Ishavhotel, Tromsø​ and all IBA members are welcome to apply. The deadline for application is September the 7th. To apply, please click here

Please find attached the tentative IBA høstmøte 29-30 okt for the meeting.

See you all at the meeting!

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