PhD student Christopher Frölich is back from a course on Structural Bioinformatics

PhD student from the University of Tromsø, Christopher Frölich, received funding from IBA to attend a course on Structural Bioinformatics in the UK. He just came back, and you can read his report under.

Photo: Christopher Frölich. Cambridge next to Newton´s apple tree.

From the 16th to the 20th of September 2019 I visited the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge to attend a course on Structural Bioinformatics. The course was organised by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), was internally oriented, and explored the various usages of bioinformatic data for structure determination. The talks were given by several different speakers and were always broken up into two parts; the first being an in-depth lecture and the second being a series of hands-on exercises to apply what we had just learned. During the practical parts, we got the opportunity to explore situations such as how mutations may change or interfere with pre-existing enzymatic functions, as well as molecular docking.

Photo: Christopher Frölich. Session on protein protein docking

My personal highlight was one of the molecular docking experiments where we modelled protein-protein interactions. In addition, each participant had the opportunity to present their own work in form of a poster, leading to fruitful discussions and networking sessions amongst us attendants.

I am quite happy that I was able to attend this course since it provided insights into how to use bioinformatic data to predict structures. In addition, the speakers provided helpful open access tools to solve different scientific questions.

The Wellcome Genome Campus is modern, offers everything you need for a short term stay, and is roughly 30 minutes from the city centre of beautiful Cambridge.

Photo: Christopher Frölich. Hixton hall, hotel on the campus.

I really would like to thank IBA for providing the travel grant and making this fantastic experience possible.