Travel and accomodation

Guidelines for IBA co-funding of travel and accommodation costs for participation in activities announced at

IBA members will receive co-funding for travel and accommodation costs to participate in IBA activities if requested (via email to Pernille Nilsson at before the activity takes place. The co-funding will be obtained after the activity has taken place. After applying for co-funding, participants will receive confirmation of co-funding.

In general the process for reimbursement is that you, the student, must pay upfront for travel and accommodations, and when you're back from the course you apply for reimbursement. Please contact Pernille Nilsson for the form you will have to fill out. Please send that form, filled out, as well as your receipts for travel and accommodation, to me at the address below. Also please send Pernille a PDF copy (in case the real ones get lost in the mail).

IBA Forskerskole
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1066 Blindern
NO-0316 Oslo

And remember we do have guidelines for how much we will cover – please let us know before booking if it's not possible for you to stay under these cost limits (listed below). Of course it's also possible to combine our funding with funding from your group.

If it isn't possible for you to pay for everything in advance yourself, then please apply through your university for an advance. Then you can use the reimbursement from us to repay the advance from your university.

If you are taking an external (for example EMBL) course, we are able to pay fees associated with these courses directly if you are able to provide us with an invoice. Please contact Pernille Nilsson if you need help with something like this.

For those working at the University of Oslo, contact Pernille Nilsson for the relevant information to put into your regular UiO travel claim.

Support from IBA is based on a co-funding principle to allow support to as many participants as possible and to keep down costs (this is why actual costs have to be verified with receipts).

 Travel support:

Travel via train/one flight (including return trip): Up to 1500 nok

Travel longer distances (two flights/sleeper train, including return trip): Up to 2000 nok

Accommodation support (see tips on accommodation here):

Up to 1000 nok per night

Example 1.

Participant from Bergen at a five-day course in Oslo:

Travel 1500 nok, accommodation 5000 nok, total co-funding up to 6500 nok.

 Example 2.

Participant from Tromsø at a three-day course in Oslo:

Travel 2000 nok, accomodation 3000 nok, total co-funding up to 5000 nok.

In the unlikely event that it is not possible for you to keep your travel within these amounts and your home institution is unable to pay for the remainder, please email Pernille Nilsson. We will determine whether we can cover costs beyond this on a case-by-case basis.

*Special Note!*

We have a partnership with NDPIA and as such, we are able to exchange students. We will also fund IBA members to attend NDPIA courses, see here.

We will also fund IBA members to attend relevant EMBL/EMBO courses. See the list of EMBL/EMBO events here. (But please note, we can only fund courses, not conferences, organized by EMBL/EMBO.)