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The National Graduate School in Infection Biology and Antimicrobials (or IBA) is a research school (forskerskole) funded by the Research Council of Norway, coordinated at the University of Oslo. Both PhD students and postdocs registered at Norwegian universities are welcome to apply for membership in IBA. Our program funds courses and workshops and research stays abroad/in Norway, has annual networking meetings, and we support participation in these activities by co-funding of travel and accommodation costs.

Latest news:

CV building webinar by Karl Brown 28th March 2023

2023-04-03 14:29:26 tarajd

The IBA-PhD arranged a CV Building ZOOM webinar on 28th March 2023 for all IBA members before going on easter vacation 🙂 We also included social gatherings in each local institute after the webinar – where we discussed about the seminar, exchanged knowledge about CV and resume, get to know each other more while eating pizza together. In total, 24 participants took this opportunity to build their CVs while building their careers. The attendees were belonging from UiT, NTNU, NMBU, UiO, OsloMet, and UiB.

Since a CV is the first contact you have with a prospective employer, this webinar was a perfect platform to improve on our CV which would enable us to make a good first impression on the employer. We learnt about the differences between a resume and a CV, what to include and what not.  

Picture taken by Srijana during the webinar

Additionally, we had a nice discussion section with Karl about improving our CV and making it to outstanding among several. We hope that this webinar has helped all other participants, especially final-year PhD’s who will be looking forward to applying for new positions soon

This webinar has generated awareness among us so that we start formulating our academic rewards, qualifications, and experiences and soon in the CV or resume, in an accurate way with some important keywords.

Picture taken at UiT during the social gathering

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IBA-PhD event: Lecture by Henrik Herrebrøden

2022-12-19 10:13:47 tarajd

The IBA PhD committee organized a digital lecture by Henrik Herrebrøden on Tuesday the 13th of December 2022. Henrik Herrebrøden is a psychologist with many years of experience helping athletes cope with pressure. Henrik gave many helpful tips on how to deal with failing and the pressure to always do well in academia. PhDs gathered locally to watch the lecture together and afterwards made holiday themed ornaments. The event was a great opportunity to mingle with other PhDs from the same university and get into the holiday spirit!

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IBA-PhD seminar and social activities - 26th of October in Oslo

2022-11-22 14:05:09 tarajd

This year, IBA-Phd organized a short seminar for all IBA-Phd members focusing on mental well-being the day before IBA annual meeting (arranged by UiO in Oslo). The seminar covered a lecture about “mindfulness and imposter syndrome” and a YOGA session followed by team-building activity and dinner plan, where IBA-PhD’s interact and get to know each other more. The central theme of the seminar was to learn how to cope with situations where we struggle within academia and battle with imposter syndrome, anxiety, and stress. The speakers were reflecting upon their stories of failure and struggles and a strategy that they used to overcome these issues

We had Helga Eggebø, a researcher at Nordlandsforskning, talk openly about the issues that are recognizable for many of us but are still difficult to articulate. Also another speaker was Stian Grastveit, a professional cross-country skier until this year. He gave lectures on mental health and used his own experiences to show the public how we can create more inclusive and understanding environments that invite better performance. We also had a YOGA workshop and mindfulness session by Glød Yoga. The yoga session taught us how to relax and focus during working time, and all of the sessions were very engaging and inspiring.

During the PhD journey, sooner or later, the stressful phase comes where it’s easy to get a breakdown. Thus, this seminar aims to benefit PhD students concerning their mental health and peacefulness so that they learn how to handle struggling situations and create a friendly working environment. We had 21 physical participants of IBA-PhD members from UiB, UiT, NMBU, UiO, OsloMet and NTNU at the Nationaltheatret Conference centre in Oslo.

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IBA local meeting Trondheim

2022-11-07 14:30:25 daniehat

The IBA committee in Trondheim organized a great local meeting on the 28th of September 2022. We came together for a workshop on how to find our voice in science communication presented by Julius Wesche (researcher and founder of “Science Communication Accelerator”).

Working in small groups, the attendees developed strategies and topics on how to communicate their science. The workshop and the following dinner offered a great opportunity for us to get to know new and senior members of IBA Trondheim.

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News from IBA

2022-06-27 14:34:19 ts


Nov 7-11: Course on Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation (NTNU)

Nov 14-15: IBA course on Pathogenic Immune Evasion Strategies (NTNU)

Nov 14-18: NDPIA course on Microbiota and Health (Sweden)

Nov 30 – Des 2: Advanced course on Scientific Illustrations (Online)                     

Des 12 -16: Scientific writing with Mathew Stiller Reeve PART 2 (Online)

IBA annual meeting 2022 is taking place in Oslo (October 27-28). Click here for more information!


The IBA graduate school runs into its last year in 2023

If you are planning to apply for a travel grant, please be aware that you need to complete your travel before November 2023 latest (so your travel claim can be processed in time)

NB! We have utilized all budgeted funding for travel grants in 2022. There are still openings available for activity in 2023. Read more and apply here.

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