Travel Grants

IBA offers travel stipends to IBA Members!

Application deadlines are:

•15 January
•15 June
•15 October

Members of the PhD School can receive a travel grant for research stays abroad if the application provides a clear explanation why and how the research stay will benefit the candidate’s project.

The grant typically covers travel and accommodation costs. Food costs are covered if accommodation does not provide access to kitchen facilities. Other costs may be covered if the need for those is clearly documented and is within the maximum funding amount for the specific time period.

Members can only receive one IBA research stay grant per year.
Members may apply for several shorter research stays in one application as long as it does not accede the maximum amount per year of 54,000 NOK (incl. travel).
Members who have not received research stay grants previously will be prioritized.

Maximum funding levels:
For research stays up to two weeks, up to 15,000 NOK (incl. travel)
For research stays of a month: up to 30,000 NOK (incl. travel)
For research stays for two months, up to 42,000 NOK (incl. travel)
For research stays of three months or longer, up to: 54,000 NOK (incl. travel)

How to apply:
The application must be in English and include the following:
1. Outline of the planned work at the host institute explaining your motivation and intentions, and how this work will aid the progress of your scientific project. 1 page maximum.
2. A proposed budget.
3. A signed invitation letter from the hosting institution.
4. A signed letter of recommendation from the supervisor.

Apply at this LINK!

Note: Applications MUST be submitted in advance of travel!