IBA course: Pathogenic Immune Evasion Strategies

IBA Trondheim is running a 2-day course on Pathogenic Immune Evasion Strategies from November 15-16th 2021 at Scandic Lerkendal. The course will most probably be a hybrid meeting where you can join also virtually.

Image: Colourbox.

Deadline for registration is October 15th

This course will give a general overview of the different ways of pathogens to evade the host immune system in addition to more focused talks about specific pathogens and their evasion strategies. This will include different bacteria like mycobacteria, N. gonorrhoeae, and S. aureus in addition to viruses and parasites. 

Prelimenary program: PDF

The course is aimed at IBA Ph.D. students/ medical or veterinary research track students, but also others are welcome to join.  Travel and accommodation expenses are included for IBA Ph.D. and research track student members only.