IBA Annual Meeting 2021

The IBA annual meeting took place  November 1st  and November 2nd 2021 at Thon Conference Universitetsgaten (TCU), Oslo and assembled more than 100 participants.

IBA Annual Meeting participants 2021

IBA congratulates Amanda Singleton & Olaug Bergum (NTNU) and Ragnhild S. R. Sætra (NTNU) for best poster and oral presentation prize, respectively.

Best poster prize: Olaug Elisabeth Torheim Bergum and Amanda Holstad Singleton for the poster on “Determining the Experimental Setup for Multi-Omics analysis of Bacterial Stress Responses”
Best oral presentation prize: Ragnhild Sofie Ragnhildstveit Sætra with the talk “Molecular mechanisms in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected

More information on the programme, keynote speakers and abstracts can be found in the meeting booklet under.

Organising committee: Özgün C. Onarman Umu (NMBU), Yngvild Wasteson (NMBU), Marina Elisabeth Aspholm (NMBU), Camilla Sekse (NVI), Alejandro Jimènez Melèndez (NMBU), Ephrem Debebe Zegeye (NMBU), Kirill Ovchinnikov (NMBU) and Marita Torrissen Mårli (NMBU).