CV building webinar by Karl Brown 28th March 2023

The IBA-PhD arranged a CV Building ZOOM webinar on 28th March 2023 for all IBA members before going on easter vacation 🙂 We also included social gatherings in each local institute after the webinar – where we discussed about the seminar, exchanged knowledge about CV and resume, get to know each other more while eating pizza together. In total, 24 participants took this opportunity to build their CVs while building their careers. The attendees were belonging from UiT, NTNU, NMBU, UiO, OsloMet, and UiB.

Since a CV is the first contact you have with a prospective employer, this webinar was a perfect platform to improve on our CV which would enable us to make a good first impression on the employer. We learnt about the differences between a resume and a CV, what to include and what not.  

Picture taken by Srijana during the webinar

Additionally, we had a nice discussion section with Karl about improving our CV and making it to outstanding among several. We hope that this webinar has helped all other participants, especially final-year PhD’s who will be looking forward to applying for new positions soon

This webinar has generated awareness among us so that we start formulating our academic rewards, qualifications, and experiences and soon in the CV or resume, in an accurate way with some important keywords.

Picture taken at UiT during the social gathering

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