Principles of Infection Biology course 2023

This year`s Principles of Infection Biology course was arranged at Granavolden Gjæstgiveri  in Gran from June 5th to June 9th, 2023. 24 students from IBA and the Swedish National Doctoral Programme in Infection and Antibiotics research school (NDPIA)) traveled from all over to Granavolden, with their poster, to participate in the PIBs course and present their work.

During the course, we had a guided tour around Granavolden to learn more about the exciting history of the place. The IBA director, Mike Koomey and NDPIA director Debra Milton enjoyed the great weather while strolling behind all the students and lecturers.

The course provided lectures on basic concepts of infection biology spanning the disciplines of host-parasite interaction and infections caused by bacteria, eukaryotic microbes and viruses. 

Lecturers included international and national researchers of renown from different universities, such as the University of Tel Aviv, the University of Basel, Imperial College London, the University of Helsinki and many more. 

During the 5-day course, the students could learn basic concepts of infection biology but also build a network with each other and get to know their lecturers, who also stayed at Granavolden for a couple of days. The days were filled with lectures, great food, games, beautiful scenery, and cow petting.

We had a kubb tournament between students and lecturers.
The lecturers won one round during the tournament, and the students won the next. This led to an exciting final where the students won the third match and, therefore, the tournament.
Everyone was mesmerised by one friendly cow that loved being petted.

We are delighted with this year and IBA´s last PIBs course. And we want to thank everyone who participated and made it a great week!

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