IBA Career Day –from PhD to Industry, 4thMay 2023

The local committee in Trondheim organized a career day, shedding light on the transition from academia to industry. The event was open to IBA members and researchers from NTNU who were interested in exploring new career avenues. We were privileged to host five speakers who shared their personal experiences and insights regarding their own journeys into industry. They discussed their motivations and strategies for transitioning and provided comparisons between working in industry and academia. The speakers represented diverse backgrounds, including start-ups, big Pharma industries, development of medical devices, and animal health. At the end of the career day, a podium discussion was held, allowing participants to seek advice and clarify any remaining questions. During the subsequent lunch break, networking opportunities emerged, facilitating connections among the speakers, IBA members, and attendees. The event was a remarkable success, providing valuable guidance and fostering meaningful connections for attendees as they navigate their career paths.

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