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The National Graduate School in Infection Biology and Antimicrobials (IBA) is a research school (“forskerskole”) funded by the Research Counsel of Norway, coordinated at the University of Oslo. We hold courses and workshops in infectious disease and infection biology across our partner institutions, and we connect the research environments of infectious disease and infection biology throughout the country.

The aim of the program (running from fall 2016 – 2023) is to strengthen the national recruitment base and quality for promoting research on infectious diseases and other risks to health. A particularly important objective is to strengthen domestic and international networking in the subject area. Both PhD students and postdocs registered at Norwegian universities are welcome to participate in IBA. Others can apply for associate membership.

The program funds courses and workshops focused on basic and clinical research as well as on different technical aspects. We also have annual networking meetings. The program supports participation in these activities by co-funding of travel and accommodation costs. No mandatory activities are included in membership.

Examples of topics for courses and workshops:

  • Principles of infection biology
  • Vaccinology
  • Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance
  • Pathogenic Immune Evasion Strategies
  • One Health Approach to Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
  • Advanced antimicrobial resistance
  • Creating Scientific Illustrations
  • Scientific Writing

*Special Note!*

We have a partnership with the Swedish National Doctoral Programme in Infection and Antibiotics (NDPIA) and as such, we are able to exchange students. We will also fund IBA members to attend NDPIA courses, see here.

We will also fund IBA members to attend EMBL courses. See the list of EMBL events here. (But please note, we can only fund courses, not conferences, organized by EMBL.)