Annual Meeting 2019

The IBA annual meeting took place  November 4 th  and November 5th 2019 at Scandic, Bergen and assembled more than 70 participants.

IBA congratulates:

  • Abira Paramsothy (UiB) for best poster – Hummoral immune responses in patients hospitalized with Influenza A/H1N1 infection.
  • Christina Saghaug (UiB) for best oral presentation – Characterization of flavohemoprotein in Giardia isolates.

IBA extends a big thank you to the organising committee at UiB:

Professor Rebecca Cox, leader of the Influenza Centre in Bergen

Professor and senior consultant Nina Langeland, leader of the Infection and Microbiology research group 

Associate Professor and senior consultant Kristine Mørch, research field: tropical infectious diseases and use of antibiotic

Professor and senior consultant Stig Harthug, research field: hospital infections and control of antibiotic resistant in hospital environment.

Professor, assistant departmental director at the Medical Department Haukeland University Hospital and senior consultant Steinar Skrede, research field: sepsis and survey of serious sepsis at Haukeland University hospital.

Medical research student at the Influenza Centre Anders Madsen.

Chief engineer at the Infection and Microbiology research group Sonja Ljostveit