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REVIVE: The Antimicrobial Memory Recovery Hub


The Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership (GARDP), a joint initiative by the World Health Organization and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, will soon launch REVIVE: an online hub to connect and support the antimicrobial discovery, research, and development community.


The aim of REVIVE is to champion and support a new generation of researchers in antimicrobial discovery, research, and development. REVIVE provides a space to connect and facilitate to clinical and non-clinical researchers entering the field access to world-class experts. So far, 120 experts have engaged in this endeavor.


REVIVE is also creating a reference repository of key tools and resources related to antimicrobial discovery, research, and development. REVIVE’s educational activities will include webinar series, roundtables, and workshops by leading experts to address critical steps along the pipeline of antimicrobial drug discovery and development.


Please visit the website for more information and fill in a short survey to help make it tailored to you, the young researcher:

Course in Science communication


IBA was a part of a “Science comunication” course organized by the Norwegian Research schools, held in Bergen on January 24-26th 2018. There was a lot of great talks and engaged discussions with students!


Tane Høisæter from the University of Begen talking about “Presentation skills: Voice and Body Language”


Synnøve V. Svardal from the University of Bergen talking about talked about the “The importance of Science Communication ” and “How to reach your target groups”


Noeska Smit (together with Jan Byska) from the University of Bergen talked about “Visualisation Theory: What, Why and How”