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IBA PhD association

The IBA PhD association, IBA PhD, was founded in a digital meeting the 25th of February 2021.

Screenshot from the IBA-PhD general meeting the 25th of February 2021

The main goal of IBA-PhD will be to ensure the academic and social interests of PhD and research track students that are enrolled in the Norwegian Infection Biology and Antimicrobials (IBA) graduate school. 

The organisation will also organise an annual student day with and for IBA PhD candidates, nominate student representative candidates to the IBA board and sit or find candidates to sit on the IBA course planning committees.

IBA congratulates!

Read the full statutes here.

IBA PhD board members:

Runa Wolden (UiT) – Chairperson

Ragnhild Sætra (NTNU) – Vice Chairperson

Marita Mårli (NMBU) – Board member

Srijana Bastakoti (UiT) – Board member

Amit Bansal (UiB) – Board member

Verena Mertes (UiO) – Board member

Disputation – IBA member Marta Gómez Muñoz

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Photo: Amalie Huth Hovland, UiO

MSc Marta Gómez Muñoz from the Institute of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oslo will be defending the thesis Global responses to genotoxic stress and culture supplements in Mycobacterium tuberculosis for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor). 

She will have a digital Public Defence March 4 at 12:15 pm

Find link and information here:  

She will also give a digital trial lecture on March 4 at 10:15 am on the given topic: Regulation of gene expression in response to stress in bacteria

Find link and information here:

1-week online workshop on scientific writing

IBA welcomes IBA members to a 1-week online workshop on scientific writing with Mathew Stiller-Reeve  12th-16th April.

This course is meant to provide a virtual space to meet up, learn, get motivated, write and talk about your writing. This course will be online to widen participation and interaction across the IBA network.

Read more and see the schedule on our course page

Happy people at the last IBA online retreat with Mathew in 2020

IBA member Christina Bleis is back from a research stay at Pennsylvania State University

Christina Bleis at Penn State

Christina Bleis: From March 11th to December 1st 2020, I had the pleasure to work on my PhD at the Center for Disease Dynamics (CIDD) at the Pennsylvania State University in US. Penn State is a top 25 research university with over 100,000 students.

Unfortunately, due to covid many attractions were closed and there were restrictions on social gatherings. Despite this, my research stay was a very exciting experience and highly productive in terms of PhD project progress.

Read more here.

TTA/IBA Bioinformatics course Level 1

In collaboration with Turning the Tide of Antimicrobial Resistance  (TTA), IBA ​invites IBA members to the second TTA/IBA Bioinformatics course Level 1 this year.

Wednesday, February 24th 2021 – Oslo, UiO, Domus Medica, L-257

This course will give you basic knowledge on whole genome assembly, including quality assessment of raw data (FastQC), adapter / quality trimming and contig assembly. You will also learn about the differences between De novo assembly and mapping to an annotated reference genome.

IBA online seminar: Career opportunities within and beyond academia

Do you strive for a career in science? Or maybe you consider whether research is the right career path for you? 
The abilities to manage your own career and to make well-founded career decisions are important skills for PhD- students – whether you choose to stay in academia or not.
On March 3rd (12:00-15:15) IBA will host a webinar on career opportunities within and beyond academia. The webinar is aimed at IBA doctoral students (but open to all members).


IBA member Eric Juskewitz is back from a research stay at GlucoSet

January 2021. Author: Eric Juskewitz – PhD student – UiT

I am Eric, a PhD fellow in Microbiology at the UiT. With entering the last year of my PhD journey thoughts of the big “what’s next?” started to bubble up and are keeping me awake at night. Most of them revolve around possibilities the industry might have to offer.

Eric Juskewitz at GlucoSet.

The journey took me to Trondheim, where I joined the team of GlucoSet – a medtech start-up that is in the development phase of its product. So, what did a microbiologist learn in a company that is building a glucose sensor for ICU patients, made of glass fibre and polymers?

Read more about Eric´s research stay here.

Christmas letter from IBA

Dear IBA members, 

2020 has been a special, strange and challenging year! We would like to first thank all the participants of our courses and events (creating scientific illustrations, Covid-19 online seminar series, annual meeting, mindfulness and stress management and Nature Masterclass on scientific writing to name a few). Like so many other research schools, IBA had to postpone several courses and events in 2020. The upside is that we gained experience in hosting online events and webinars which will benefit all of us in the future!

In 2020, many research schools (including IBA) were mid-term evaluated by the Research Council. We are happy to announce that IBA was approved for three more years, and that in the process, we have received valuable feedback and guidance. The fruits of this process are an updated course portfolio that will be more thoroughly introduced later. We would briefly note that IBA will hold a core summer course in early June where will offer a thorough introduction to the Principles of Infection Biology. We are also planning courses on zoonotic infectious diseases, host-pathogen interactions, vaccines, microbial symbiosis/host microbiota and antimicrobial resistance (all in summer/autumn 2021). In addition, we will continue to offer workshops and courses on transferable skills (Scientific Illustrations (early March and autumn), Scientific Writing, Career opportunities after completing your PhD ++).

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the three new regional directors of studies! Welcome to Özgün Candan Onarman Umu, Kurt Hanevik and Synnøve Brandt Ræder who will be in charge of organising IBA courses and events at NMBU, UiB and NTNU, respectively. They will also serve as the local IBA contact people. Johanna Ericson Sollid and Mike Koomey will continue to fill these roles at UiT and UiO.

With that, we wish you a peaceful Christmas and a safe new year! 

A big thanks to Catarina Moura for allowing us to share her Christmas stem cell tree with all of you! Read more about the making of it here